Saturday, November 15, 2014

Where I'm posting shamanic shifting experiences more...

Autumn shifting!
Fearing misinterpretation, misunderstanding and misuse, through the humor-deprived, fun-deficient (trolling and concern-trolling) literalism, dogmatism and fanaticism rapidly rising nowadays, grasping over the Internet for outraged sole-control and soul-control, I've all but stopped writing and speaking about my ever-shiftng understanding of shamanic ways. Besides, over the years, I and several of our circle have grown to appreciate the demystifying wisdom of unwritten--even unspoken--transmission.

So, gradually, page by page, as I find them, I'm simplifying previously posted descriptions of teachings and practices.

Gazing outward, I see uncountable dead leaves clinging. How many will freeze up there?

But I've begun posting briefer shamanic-shifts on the circle-church's FB Page.

Update, 2/5/17 : I've simplified this post too!

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