Friday, February 28, 2014

Circling behind the scenes, schemes, seams & screams of ordinary life

Snow-hidden lines...?

This ministry today: I receive emails through the contact form requesting shamanizing or counseling over challenges and troubles. Then, I pass the reality-shift requests to several shamanic companions who journey or dream or meditate (or whatever they are inner-guided to do, each their own ways, as we activate our widespread, ongoing circle).

Then usually, care-fully, often taking a while at it, I email the best answers and suggestions I can gather as an advisory consultation, disclaiming (informally through vocabulary and phrasing) that the reply is my opinion only, probably in disagreement with many other practitioners' and cannot take the place of appropriate licensed professionals' interventions and one's own wiser inner-guidance. (The disclaimers posted in the footers of the church's websites that apply to all interactions state it boringly, formally.) Of course, I realize I cannot know if the questioner has inquired in earnest, or for a college project or as a prank.

Because I and this circle live by modern, ever-emerging understandings of shamanic ways and original, innovative, ever-adapting practices, our approach(es) seem atheistic and out of sync with other contemporary practitioners' responses, I'm told often enough. None of our circle--those known to one another, so far, I mean--really fits into organized atheism or lives as any defined type of atheist or even universist or even hylozoist.

Longstanding favorite mottoes among us are: "Don't believe, be LIVE!" and "Wonder on, for wonders never cease."

Anyway, avoiding excessive defining, allowing mystery, entertaining chaos, seeking paradox and keeping fun variously, we aim to shift self and ALL for the better behind the "seems" of everyday Earth, too.

Internet connecting--still present, but: For a long while, my and the church-circle's social media feeds have posted mostly links and occasional quotes, always connected to shamanism somehow, in my view, but often barely tangentially (and way down deep between the deeper lines that span between even deeper lines). Only rarely do I add cryptic commenting. Often, for me, science discoveries, technological innovations and odd news point to shamanic themes or induce consciousness-shifting wonder.

"Question and quest on" is an overall theme. The social networking "holding pattern" began in cringing reaction to a trend I continue to struggle to find clever terms for, and haltingly (temporarily) call: "the deadpanly pandemic" or the "irony-deficient (chronic over-reacting) dis-ease" (but whatever it is, it's continuing to go viral Net-wide).

So the social accounts went on retreat a while ago, then continued to clam-up on purpose, to avoid providing even scraps of more sustenance for hateful thoughts and raging emotions. This stance may change during 2014, I dream. Perhaps soon (or later) I'll resume personal posts. Our quietly courageous helper clam may be joined, for more boisterous fun, by...a louder fearless ally, still shrouded in snow, ice and mystery today.

English: Tridacna giant clam in Komodo Nationa...
English: Tridacna giant clam in Komodo National Park Français : Un bénitier (Tridacna sp.). Photo prise dans le Parc National de Komodo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Journey safely: Shamanic ways can detour around pitfalls--or not!

Sedona Arizona
Sedona Arizona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Shamanic ways -- the ways of shamans through the ages and onward, or the shamanisms of the universe (an ever-expanding field of fields, WAY beyond any "ism") -- can guide around dreadful spiritual pitfalls or worsen them and make many more, with unfortunate to deadly results.

Companions Circle is open to any who study and live shamanic ways, but has long recommended "being your own shaman" and living as a "shamanic shift center" (each your own ways) where and when you happen to be and live amid the situations and events that arise day by day and call out for new shamanzing as healing or helping. Our contemporary, emerging, widespread yet small-scale church-without-walls, recommends studying many religious traditions (as well as science, technology, philosophy, art and more) and adapting or innovating teachings -- without copying, imitating, co-opting, appropriating, claiming, or stealing -- then testing and changing practices (as safely as possible, given life's weirdness) through ongoing experience.

As a matter of course, I and several others keep spiritual leaders (by any term or title), especially the self-proclaimed multi-million-dollar-making sorts, at a safe (faraway) distance.

Recently when CNN reported the freeing of this "New Age guru" who facilitated three ardently enthused followers' deaths in Sedona, Arizona in October 2009, I noticed a link to the new non-profit organization Seek Safely and their Promise not to mislead while practicing and teaching complementary and alternative self-help methods. This short yet comprehensive document was sent to 150 famous self-help and motivational teachers, authors, and speakers (who have reaped significant profits from the industry) with an invitation to sign and participate in memory of Kirby Brown and two others who died during James Arthur Ray's dangerous "Spiritual Warrior" workshop-ordeal.

Though Companions Circle-Shamanic Shift Center is too small-scale and unknown to have received a special invitation from Seek Safely, I noticed the PDF download-link on their website and quickly, happily signed on with this worthy cause because the words, meaning and mission behind The Promise resonate harmoniously. I opine this heartfelt, grief-transforming effort could help prevent some painful harm and sudden deaths from abuse (careless or intentional) of spiritual power.    
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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Shamanic mission, continued: debunking continuously

English: Taken by Andrew Patton, July 2007. Th...
English: Taken by Andrew Patton, July 2007. This picture is of a dust devil in Ramadi, Iraq. It has been slightly photo edited (brightness & contrast, and shadow & highlight parameters) in order better bring out the dust devil in the picture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Beliefs can imprison when organized and alternative religions and spiritual circles lapse into cult-ishness, and imagination can free -- then run amok. Spiritual programs and practices can sweep clean a messed-up place gradually or instantly.

But, as Jesus cautioned (along with other ordinary or mythic spiritual teachers and shamans, in other words), freshly swept inner spaces often stand wide open, allowing trickier dust devils to blow in and take over.

Folks who sound bogged down by diverse exotic "alternative" notions -- or extreme new-age-if-i-cation or "goofy scary beliefs" (I haven't found the right words yet, and don't really expect to...) -- email or call requesting shamanic fixes more often than others inquire about finding shamanizing alternatives to conventional, organized religions. But I am usually guided by spirit to offer debunking -- of quasi-pseudoscience, almost-cults and even blatant spiritual abuse -- instead.

Debunk and journey anew.

Don't enshrine dust devils at home (the soul), for in universal life these tricky spirals are stirred up to activate wondering then dissipate harmlessly, not bedevil folks.   

Recently a church-circle member emailed me this article that (in my opinion) aptly and cannily describes, but -- way too sarcastically, almost hatefully -- overstates the goofiness trends I see contemporary shamanic ways veering into and marooning within, all too often. Anyone who can read this piece (not counting the comments) and laugh (and I recommend reading it and following the links to other sites as a reference) instead of (or at least before) taking offense or generating outrage might "grok" deeply my current bemused consternation as a shamanizer-debunker of much I once delighted and reveled in.   

Though I have often temporarily, purposefully embraced wild imagining and invited weird-weirder-weirdest tricksters in "for tea or coffee but NOT me" (beings, patterns, systems...more), then sent these troubled, troubling "troubadors" packing after a fun visit (with blessings for happier recycling in universal life as ongoing shamanic prayer-shifting), I have come to understand this entertaining, educational, experimental spiritual play isn't safe for all (or even for many).

Do so many really seek and/or aspire to become (or worse, fancy themselves already) real-deal spiritual authorities? Question and quest on, I suggest enthusiastically and hopefully.

IMHO: Shamans must do their bests to live immune to gurus and beliefs of all kinds, traditional to new-age to whatever-sort. And (mere) practitioners (like me) would do well to find effective inoculations, lest consultations lead self and others further astray.
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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Spirit as matter

Everyday Journey Openings, Every Day
Everyday Journey Openings, Every Day (Photo credit: Shamanic Shift)
Diet affects dreaming and brain wiring determines individuality.

As a shamanizer I wonder over science research announcements, pondering the possibilities for stretching life's limitations. Though I comprehend reality as spirit, and play within invisible realms, for me there is NO noumenon -- nothing metaphysical -- around or about my matter and energy (including dark matter and dark energy) multi-everything universe.

I know NO supernatural beings -- to me that word is (and has been for years) null and void.

Shamanic-shifting, I relate to spirit as ordinary matter and energy first (everyday events and situations that "call" by drawing my attention), then in dreaming and imagining (involving molecular and elemental dances within and among brain cells and the whole body), then in pretending and acting-out on purpose visions of better and best in energy and materials through expressive and creative arts (ritual or impromptu shamanic performances), then through living beneficial new life changes from now on (involving diverse natural decisions and actions -- micro- to colossal, chaotic or orderly, subtle to obvious -- within and near me, then rippling and spiraling away, in all realms and directions, on all levels, from quantum to classical to cosmic).

For me, physical is first and last and between, containing all reality-shifting necessities.

Now scitech is showing, study by study, how eating, drinking and connecting in this world matter ultimately, moment by moment.

Yet, for better and worse, zero and nothing remain mysteriously powerful.
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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year calling: 'Don't believe -- be live, shift free!'

Pine Tree Pals
Pine Tree Pals (Photo credit: Shamanic Shift)
When I receive calls requesting shamanic shifting, first and last I do my best to transform limiting beliefs into better, funner life stories to sing and dance onward (but never to set in stone). Often I shamanize by dreaming, visioning and acting out a belief-free world and universe, simply because I've found this practice is the most effective way for me to activate and reactivate joy.

My views are foolish on purpose, even foolhardy I begin to fear, given the rising "haterade" levels I and others have noticed being sloshed and quaffed around the Net over cherished beliefs. But for me belief-debunking reduces deadly seriousness and restores healing fun, and hopefully, by waves of possibility branching out, eventually this practice cheers and frees others too.

I opine, based upon years of experiencing incremental to drastic improvements through day by day fun-restoring shifts: Alongside laughter, fun is a most powerful natural healing, re-creating force in this multiverse.

Also: While I practice adaptive shamanic innovations, I do my best to live what I term scientific optimism.

Spirituality and science share an evergreen companionship along my earth-adventuring path. Embracing the paradoxes I encounter under these non-identical twin trees opens my understanding deeper and deeper, leaving mystery sacred. I accept technologies emerging from scientific experimenting as a facet of this world's (and universe's) ever-evolving wild nature and accept human nature as a wilderness to adventure.  

But, I've witnessed over my years so far, how the results are unfortunate when humans seemingly compulsively mix-up inner spirituality and worldly religion (within established, organized formal institutions as well as in relatively recently instituted "alternative" movements and organizations). Many, if not all, of these confusing combinations prove deadly, I continue to note with dismay, becoming, all too often, (at worst and at best) traps that leave the best-intentioned folks unwittingly at the mercy of deluded authorities who order wars, instill pessimism and teach self-denigration.

As a tendency or habit, religious "un-questioning" promotes sickening seriousness and prevents reality-shifting shamanic asking and questing. In a series of shamanic acts this new year, I suggest being a heretic and choosing to ask any authority (or even to ask an uncomfortable status-quo situation you find yourself in, or ask any of the beings within those circumstances) "What's ailing here?" -- then dare to take up the calling to shamanic journey further for new answers, then quest farther and wider under the sun, moon, planets and elements in ordinary reality for new remedies!

I speculate: If spirituality is as essential to human nature as some scientists hint without knowing the complex details, the longstanding pitfall of submitting to deified authorities (visible and invisible) might be a root cause of peoples' apparent proneness to serious, self-limiting, unquestioning religious believing and acting. I see examples of spirituality lapsing into religion causing gushing losses of vital knowledge and healing power everyday. Perhaps these tendencies and susceptibilities were complexly genetically coded into humankind during ancient stages of prehistoric evolution when such behaviors could have helped increase chances of community survival, by adding checks and balances to our species' emerging intelligence, cunning and ruthlessness.

In this new age and new year, shamanic ways could drag us deeper into deadly dogmas that many many centuries ago began to decrease survival chances, but I dream and hope shamanic innovations will shift us free.

I suppose: If indeed we are living in an anthropocene geological epoch, this all the more means we can change ourselves and our world for the better on purpose.
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