Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A noisy cardinal was calling while I was musing...

Callings happen every day. Is responding harmlessly always tricky?
This mission now, continuing:

Religious believing might be hardwired into human nature, according to some neuroscientists, alongside related notions, such as immortality and various methods of surviving physical death. But, looking back on history and watching current events for years, I long ago began fearing that spiritual leaders, organizations and dogmas underlie at least half of everyone's and the world's troubles. And so, I suppose, humanity would do well to evolve beyond believing, as soon as possible.

Yet, since early childhood, my brain has kept insisted that I am "called" as a soul to ongoing prayer, even though I stopped believing in supernatural agencies of any kind, imminent or eminent. Shamanic experiences persist anyway; whether this is a neurological quirk or not, I keep practicing because it's fun for me.

But throughout pre-history and history, I've learned, shamanic experiences have tended to evolve into warring religions--some huge, many local--most rife with strife over oppressive complications. I've long wondered if that process could be bypassed; perhaps shamanic ways could satisfy a human brain's predisposition towards spirituality, without generating hierarchies and tyrannies.

Still, I've noticed over the years, even the small circles and larger groups I joined temporarily quickly developed leaders, followers and dogmas, even while their evolving teachings were suggesting--even insisting--otherwise. Hidden agendas thrived. Power plays undermined. Fun deteriorated.

Now, instead of ordinary circles (but not "anti-" because I acknowledge everyone's experience is different and I the motto "live and let live" inspires me), I envision a worldwide rainbow of loose, interconnecting, overlapping flexible circles of individualistic shamanizers, acting informally and unofficially at their various locations and distances, each in their singular, innovative ways, generating a cycling dancing coil of shapeshifting constellations of purposeful prayer-shifting: aiming to transform life for the better gradually, mysteriously (well, OK...possibly...but certainly doing no harm) through every one's inner guidance (imaginary, psychological, genetically predisposed or neurologically hardwired...or whatever), intentionally shifting reality beneficially from behind everyday situations.

Brief ad hoc meetings might happen, when beneficial, but mostly within cyber- and non-ordinary realities.

Update before a long-delayed posting--that Birch has budding leaves by now: I'm researching new blogging platforms, re-writing many of Companions Circle's old webpages (for eventual publication on pages here) and traveling frequently to assist some elder members as needed, so I'm less and less available for sessions or ceremonies (or even consultations by phone or email), but the ongoing prayer-shifting mission with the widespread circle continues through cyber- and non-ordinary realities. Now, without further ado...Post it and quest on!

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