Saturday, February 09, 2013

Spirit as matter

Everyday Journey Openings, Every Day
Everyday Journey Openings, Every Day (Photo credit: Shamanic Shift)
Diet affects dreaming and brain wiring determines individuality.

As a shamanizer I wonder over science research announcements, pondering the possibilities for stretching life's limitations. Though I comprehend reality as spirit, and play within invisible realms, for me there is NO noumenon -- nothing metaphysical -- around or about my matter and energy (including dark matter and dark energy) multi-everything universe.

I know NO supernatural beings -- to me that word is (and has been for years) null and void.

Shamanic-shifting, I relate to spirit as ordinary matter and energy first (everyday events and situations that "call" by drawing my attention), then in dreaming and imagining (involving molecular and elemental dances within and among brain cells and the whole body), then in pretending and acting-out on purpose visions of better and best in energy and materials through expressive and creative arts (ritual or impromptu shamanic performances), then through living beneficial new life changes from now on (involving diverse natural decisions and actions -- micro- to colossal, chaotic or orderly, subtle to obvious -- within and near me, then rippling and spiraling away, in all realms and directions, on all levels, from quantum to classical to cosmic).

For me, physical is first and last and between, containing all reality-shifting necessities.

Now scitech is showing, study by study, how eating, drinking and connecting in this world matter ultimately, moment by moment.

Yet, for better and worse, zero and nothing remain mysteriously powerful.
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