Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year calling: 'Don't believe -- be live, shift free!'

Pine Tree Pals
Pine Tree Pals (Photo credit: Shamanic Shift)
When I receive calls requesting shamanic shifting, first and last I do my best to transform limiting beliefs into better, funner life stories to sing and dance onward (but never to set in stone). Often I shamanize by dreaming, visioning and acting out a belief-free world and universe, simply because I've found this practice is the most effective way for me to activate and reactivate joy.

My views are foolish on purpose, even foolhardy I begin to fear, given the rising "haterade" levels I and others have noticed being sloshed and quaffed around the Net over cherished beliefs. But for me belief-debunking reduces deadly seriousness and restores healing fun, and hopefully, by waves of possibility branching out, eventually this practice cheers and frees others too.

I opine, based upon years of experiencing incremental to drastic improvements through day by day fun-restoring shifts: Alongside laughter, fun is a most powerful natural healing, re-creating force in this multiverse.

Also: While I practice adaptive shamanic innovations, I do my best to live what I term scientific optimism.

Spirituality and science share an evergreen companionship along my earth-adventuring path. Embracing the paradoxes I encounter under these non-identical twin trees opens my understanding deeper and deeper, leaving mystery sacred. I accept technologies emerging from scientific experimenting as a facet of this world's (and universe's) ever-evolving wild nature and accept human nature as a wilderness to adventure.  

But, I've witnessed over my years so far, how the results are unfortunate when humans seemingly compulsively mix-up inner spirituality and worldly religion (within established, organized formal institutions as well as in relatively recently instituted "alternative" movements and organizations). Many, if not all, of these confusing combinations prove deadly, I continue to note with dismay, becoming, all too often, (at worst and at best) traps that leave the best-intentioned folks unwittingly at the mercy of deluded authorities who order wars, instill pessimism and teach self-denigration.

As a tendency or habit, religious "un-questioning" promotes sickening seriousness and prevents reality-shifting shamanic asking and questing. In a series of shamanic acts this new year, I suggest being a heretic and choosing to ask any authority (or even to ask an uncomfortable status-quo situation you find yourself in, or ask any of the beings within those circumstances) "What's ailing here?" -- then dare to take up the calling to shamanic journey further for new answers, then quest farther and wider under the sun, moon, planets and elements in ordinary reality for new remedies!

I speculate: If spirituality is as essential to human nature as some scientists hint without knowing the complex details, the longstanding pitfall of submitting to deified authorities (visible and invisible) might be a root cause of peoples' apparent proneness to serious, self-limiting, unquestioning religious believing and acting. I see examples of spirituality lapsing into religion causing gushing losses of vital knowledge and healing power everyday. Perhaps these tendencies and susceptibilities were complexly genetically coded into humankind during ancient stages of prehistoric evolution when such behaviors could have helped increase chances of community survival, by adding checks and balances to our species' emerging intelligence, cunning and ruthlessness.

In this new age and new year, shamanic ways could drag us deeper into deadly dogmas that many many centuries ago began to decrease survival chances, but I dream and hope shamanic innovations will shift us free.

I suppose: If indeed we are living in an anthropocene geological epoch, this all the more means we can change ourselves and our world for the better on purpose.
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