Saturday, December 08, 2012

How my, the circle's, shamanic calling has shifted

Answering several email inquiries this week, I wrote words similar to this public announcement:

As many, diverse spiritual and circumstantial changes happened during 2011-2012, my and Companions Circle's calling has shifted away from in-person or phone sessions and public events to behind-the scenes prayer-shamanizing, blogging and online consulting (via email and ad hoc connecting through web services with current members of a now widespread, little circle).

Nowadays we live community shamanism individually, at the edges of many ever-shifting worldly situations, connecting through cyber- and non-ordinary realities. We live shamanic performances informally, amid everyday scenarios. Nature (including human nature) and spirit teach as one and all, whenever and anywhere.

I am freelancing a living full-time (writing and odd-jobbing) while helping some elder relatives in their homes and traveling between. This earthy way is spiraling through interweaving ordinary, extraordinary and non-ordinary deciduous and evergreen life experiences. I find myself leaving and arriving anew, day by day -- (immeasurable) moment by moment, I mean, really.    

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