Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shamanic entertainment purposes

Traditional church wall next to leafing burning bush shrubs, by ECP, a.k.a. Shamanic-Shift on
When I consider my life as shamanic journey, it seems an odyssey of turning points, detours and lost ways.

Today I find myself often revisiting the days I emerged from a personal dreamtime re-creation crisis and began to study the contemporary shamanism(s) being advertised on flyers, imparted through workshops and linked to diverse complementary and alternative medicines and all manner of so-called new religious movements. The whole mixed bag was starting to trend back then, normalizing much of my childhood weirdnesses.

Because I suddenly found myself well, and what had kicked in and pulled me through bore a plausible resemblance to the "core" ways of shamans, I leaped in, fully enchanted.

But, for me, this has always been for fun, play and pretend.

On Halloween 1990, avoiding definitions, I and a few pals co-founded Companions Church Circle simply as a "church of shamanic ways" so any shamanizer (atheist, skeptic, agnostic or believer in whatever) could join this "churchless church" for meaningful, purposeful adventure and experimentation, on their own terms, under their own terminologies, with their own beliefs or lack thereof, beyond ordinary boundaries or barriers -- except that folks preferring to hold to traditions, systems, doctrines and laws would also be welcome as long as they agreed to foolishness and openness. But the temptation to take the church seriously still torments, as the unsteady stream of deadly serious inquiries trickling into my inbox or ringing up my phone.

I shamanize over all of it, however...

As far as I'm concerned, no matter what anyone asks me, I will hasten to insist this is for entertainment purposes, first and last.

Because, I say: Shows, stories, songs, dances and art heal, transform and even prophesy better than any of the deadly serious, or just plain deadly, full-on quackery now shamming and shaming shamanic teachers and disciples alike (however they are billing themselves) in this gullible day and age.

Being child-like can open heavens on earth, within and all around -- but such openings are momentary and tricky, often found along fine lines or through narrow gates, though orders upon orders of infinities of these spiraling loopholes await activation. Wonder and imagine one now -- a turn-key solution!

I express caution to anyone eager for challenging initiatory ordeals: At all costs, avoid, as hazardous to health and progressively sickening then fatal, any scheme involving being reduced to infantile dependency while following leading experts or authorities. Say NO, then enjoy what's already within you for free, or spend your money on funner games of life.


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