Hi! I'm Elizabeth of Companions Circle Church, Shamanic Shift Center (the circle's mother-ship project) and ECP Writes & More (the circle's freelancing fundraising project).

Companions Circle is a church of shamanic ways and Shamanic Shift Center is our ongoing mission of shifting self, universe - and shamanic ways - towards better and best.

Although we teach shamanizing is synergizing  prayer, meditation and action, we do our bests to practice without beliefs and beyond traditions: Imagination balancing Reason; Art inspiring Science; and FUN encouraging Freedom.

We emphasize being and living as a "shamanic shift center" wherever and whenever you are - ongoing daily shamanic shifting around ordinary personal, community and global situations, places and beings, near and far, drawing attention, calling for help.

Shamanic-shifting is happening - Companions of this widespread shapeshifting circle, each in their own ways and locations, every day, keep periods for shamanizing over intentions for beneficial changes towards better and best.


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