Monday, May 14, 2012

Clover mites -- tiny, bright red neighbors positively 'bugging' me

After I snapped pictures of giant black ants rushing around itty-bitty crimson bugs on a concrete garden ledge down the block, the critters visited my dreams.

These new arachnid buddies are clover mites (Bryobia_praetiosa), not bugs really.
In a series of non-ordinary dream scenarios these miniscule companions shifted from irritating me to energizing me amid everyday situations drawn from my recent past.

Finally I shrank down while they swelled up. Soon I found myself hopping onto a beckoning, stooping mega-mite for a sense-blurring ride through towering clover groves.

We rushed up trunk-thick stems and scurried out over expansive lush leaves of greenest green. We stopped for several body-satisfying, soul-strengthening gnash-breaks before my trusty eight-legged steed dropped me back into bed, just as birdsongs began announcing ruddy dawn.

Yes. Lately I've allowed myself to fall into ruminating on "mights" I don't like, and those inner experiences weren't adding fun to my days, but were tiring me needlessly. Dreams of ruminating on lucky clover salad handfulls with these cardinal, mighty mites soothed and refreshed overnight.

Image: Macro shot of a clover mite on fine grained sand (via Wikipedia


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