Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scientists and shamans quest, find and use borders as bridges

On the border between matter and anti-matter: Nanoscientists find long-sought Majorana particle, ScienceDaily reported.

Wonder and wondering over scientific and shamanic parallel ways of understanding and interacting with cosmos, nature and human nature, I often shift spontaneously into shamanizing around and through topics suggested by scientific research. I imagine I embody a temporary -- perhaps only momentary (but that is enough, an eternity really) -- bridge joining these parallel ways of encountering reality and mystery, paths that never cross ordinarily, that continue to advance without conflict, each spiraling around (and -- non-ordinarily -- including) the other.

So then scientific discoveries lead to spiritual knowledge (and helping power) through shamanic shifting, without distracting pseudoscientific confusion ever diminishing the experience.

Scientific discoveries that draw my attention and activate my imagination, like the findings about these matter-antimatter border-bridge particles, become departure and return points for shamanic quests.

Image: Marorana fermions are created at the end of this indium antemonide nanowire device partly topped with a superconducting niobium contact and topped with a gold contact. (Credit: Copyright TU Delft 2012)


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