Friday, April 20, 2012

Ravens remembered to show interesting stuff...

Image credit: Markus Boeckle

Ravens guided my reading recently...They remember friends and I know I can count on this animal companion helper to point out the best links.

Ravens have long-term memory.

New neurological research has suggested spirituality is complex and generated within more than one spot our brains, not one "god-spot" as some have proposed: The frontal lobe stirs religious rituals and a wounded right brain -- the side for self-orientation -- deepens spirituality, according to the findings of a team from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Shamanic experience and wounds in the brain or mind have long been linked, and I don't expect scientific proof of the complexity of spirituality will surprise many practitioners.

Another study, by psychologists at Leiden Universiry (Universiteit Leiden), provided more evidence meditation boosts creativity: Open Monitoring and Focused Attention techniques promote divergent and convergent thinking respectively, two creativity keys, these researchers wrote. Shamanic shifting synergizes both processes and more, with all shamanizers individualizing unique re-creative ways.

Also, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology has provided evidence that concious and unconcious contemplation of death leads to healthy life changes.


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