Saturday, March 17, 2012

What is the meaning of this old recycled trash collage?

I've regarded it often over many years because it hangs next to the front door of one of my family's homes.

Below, view more hastily wrought, improvised, impromptu "works" of art-play. The folks rescued collages and masks I created within creative moments and enthused bursts, intending to destroy them soon after I had satisfied the sudden urges to play with glue and markers that overtook me amid some of the whiles of distressing stress I lived and learned through over 20 years ago.

Thus has this familiar foyer become a museum, preserving the fading pieces (or mausoleum, preserving merely the ashes) of those trance-induced, self-helpful recreational sessions.

So I record and publish the weird irony of this already drawn-out experience here now, perpetuating its amusing, ongoing goofiness for electronic-posterity and wondering FUN.


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