Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shamanic play with universal, natural and human time-keeping

A team of researchers claimed they found a clock gene that helps plants prepare to bloom in season, and a newfangled atomic clock discovered by physicists might soon help humans keep time more precisely, if not more naturally.

Image credit: NASA

Maybe time-keeping is creative, universal and natural, and all macro, micro and nano-clocks open into middle-realms (of spirit, imagining and pretending) where shamanic-shifting can momentarily syncopate and instantly re-create all beings, places and situations now living to measurable beats.

So, I will begin again: Shamanic dreaming and journeying through this world's cosmic, everyday and quantum clocks (as doors opening) and find knowledge, power and gifts (in Thought) to activate in our ordinary world(s) through story, song and dance (Word and Deed).

Still adjusting to "daylight savings" mode, I decide to renew an old resolution: to minimize gradually, day by day, my dependence upon inflexible, human-superimposed time-periods, time-frames and time-zones, continuing to live with such systems, but not by them.

Can technology and nature keep time co-creatively? There must be scientific, artistic, wise ways to flex and blend cosmic, biological and industrial clocks, because human nature is -- originally, substantially and essentially -- universal Nature growing, evolving and transforming.


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