Monday, March 19, 2012

Letting scitech inspire, encourage shamanic imagining from a distance

As I tweeted the news that solar power from silver 'fractal trees' could lead to the development of more effective solar cell technology, I realized a dream fractal forest of magic mineral trees had already (spontaneously) magnified potential nanoscale power possibilities within one of my shamanic middle-realm reality-shifting sanctuaries. This method can be set up ahead or begun anew.

These secret prayer(-meditation) places activate from my wonder and wondering over scitech news because I set certain ongoing open-ended intentions for beneficial changes in this world.

Image: Fractal silver structures grown by electrochemical reduction of silver nitrate on a fluorine-doped tin oxide film could be the basis of a new type of solar cell. (Credit: Frank Osterloh, UC Davis)

But when I shamanize through science and technology, I don't seek direct links between ordinary-reality research findings (and developing inventions) and non-ordinary shifts I vision happening in spirit, dream or imagination, or in any inner realm or relationship. As I "return" from each session of this type of prayer-shifting I release and disintegrate the mental-emotional connection I journeyed over.


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