Saturday, December 03, 2011

Rock garden shifting and miscellaneous musing

The picture shows a new rock garden's (soon-to-be) surroundings in early October.

My and the church's mailing address has not changed, though I have begun an "in residence" job near Madison -- installing a rock garden and assorted odd-jobs. I return to Milwaukee once a week or so, where I keep a severely downsized official residence.

Most of the branches here are barren now, in mid-November. Crows thrive on.

Miscellaneous musings:

1. I understand shamanic experience differs from psychosis -- but non-ordinary experience and psychosis might arise in some of the same brain cells and regions, and might overlap. A story like this one might be an example. But the archetypal shamanic-craziness overlap happens, plays out and materializes in many different ways everyday in ordinary and extraordinary brains, I have long supposed. Meaning, purpose and benefits (to self and others) make most of the difference, I am certain.

2. Shamanic experience is altogether different from scientific discovery, though imagination plays a role in both. When theoretical physicists discuss quantum weirdness; dark matter and dark energy; parallel universes, extra dimensions and the multiverse; vibrating strings, or superstrings (and membranes); singularities, black holes and more -- I comprehend all of these proposed marvels as matter-energy and space-time. All of that is still ordinary reality (baryonic and non-baryonic matter-energy realms that scientists can or could order or measure somehow).

But nowadays I read and hear more inelegant mix-ups of the ordinary (all of the aforementioned wonders of theoretical physics) and the non-ordinary (the routes shamans adventure), that seem to me to confound shamanic (or sacramental) dreaming, bridging and journeying, which I call mysterious, spiritual or imaginary acts of Faith, Hope and Love (the Graces).

3. Shamanic shifting begins and ends within without being of this world, and happens through mustard-seed-sized (un-measurable, more-than-infinitely TINY yet colossal) miracle-facilitating loopholes that will never be found through scientific investigations. Weirdly, I contend, believe or pretend: all worldly (individual or universal or multiversal) brains, bodies, bits and vibrations of ordinary reality (from the greatest to the least of every space-time/matter-energy kind, realm, season, direction and dimension) grace-fully contain wondrous arrays of these impossible yet dependable mustard-seed-wide doorways that are ever-ready for knocking and entering, that allow spirit-soul-imagination to reach on purpose into the non-ordinary and return with blessings.

I have yet to express what I mean by these musings, and this was only the latest rambling circumlocution, far from any final say-so.


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