Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Living 'neon signs' energized my wondering...

Reading that humans devised and designed living 'neon signs' conglomerated from millions of programmed glowing bacteria activated my childlike wonder and shamanic wondering. Is the programming of one kind and scale of being by another somehow simply another natural feature of ordinary reality -- so no big deal?

Who or what programs humankind's reality -- and at how invisibly grand or subtle (or intrinsically tiny or macroscopic) a scale might it be happening?

Though it does not appear to be the case that our world is merely a bit of experimental culture growing in a giant giant's lab or even a giant giant's gigantic child's pond-water-drop viewed through a Brobdingnagian microscope (of any sort, toy to high-tech), I hear folks speculate often enough that we might be programmed.

Any mentions or examples I come upon of beings being programmed in physical, classical reality (the most obvious situations, those most likely to grab my attention) stir my childish wonder again, so I find myself asking, "How might this be happening in the universe as I know it?"

And of course there could be many improbable, un-provable and tricky ways programming could be happening to some and/or all of us. Most (if not all) the possibilities have been thought up already, then permutated, then extended to their absurdest extremes and otherwise discussed soberly or argued heatedly, formally and for entertainment purposes, ad hoc and ad nauseam.

The bacteria glowing in the researchers' sign might be doing fine, just living their spiral dances of universal FUN, no matter what. But the engineering project was undertaken for serious, practical purposes, such as developing low cost biosensors to detect pollutants wherever and whenever needed.

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