Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Celebrating as many winter holidays and festivities as possible while dreaming deeply

Again, I didn't blog on or about the December solstice or any specific Winter 2011-2012 holiday: Continuing a new practice, I shamanic journeyed on the solstice to a standstill in non-ordinary reality and waited at that crossroads for a spirit-power boost into new directions.

On every winter holiday I know of I have and will shamanic journey for power and knowledge, basking in the vibes of many traditions and appreciating diverse customary observances without copying.

These darkest, darkening, then lightening days have become for me a season set apart for deepest dreaming and intensest recharging, when I seek and receive longer-range guidance and "longer-haul" renewal.

In the original, non-traditional shamanic ways I practice, each journey provides revelation and activation -- prophesy as direct connecting with spirit in singular here-now ("hear now") moments (for me, then and there, as an individual, subject to and requiring ongoing shamanic shifting course correcting). Prophets (or spiritual leaders by any other capital-lettered titles) in most religions pronounce on behalf of community-, nation-, or world-wide organizations, communions, denominations or other large groups, but to avoid confusion and delusion Companions Circle teaches only incremental, shamanic shifting revelations and empowerments around specific prayer intentions by individuals and circles (when two or three or several more agree).

Many unfortunate, even devastating consequences arise from institutionalized revelation and from specific revelations by set-up or self-proclaimed religious authorities, whether the pronouncements predict the end of the world or give otherwise practical instructions about how to live. This article in Elle details one point of view from experience.

The misuse of human imagination -- the re-creative launchpad and landing zone for many shamanic adventurers -- also incarnates terrible mischief throughout this world. This Vanity Fair story tells the exploits of one gifted, talented mis-creative fellow (who now claims, according to CNN, he has learned his lessons and turned his life around).

Institutionalization and dishonesty and numerous other pitfalls every day halt intuitive ingenuity and sidetrack shamanic shifting. But crows on this winter's bare, snowy branches are watching over, and showing me in my dreams new escapes from such too-long-standing, destructive patterns.


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