Sunday, October 02, 2011

Next adventures of the Blue Plastic Goat

Weird: I dreamed fleetingly of the Blue Plastic Goat I blogged about weeks ago, waking up suddenly, visioning the tiny battered toy lying near a dumpster in the church's parking lot, just around the corner from the courtyard garden (the last known location).

Evidently, one of the new gardeners had indeed decided the goat was trash, or simply scooped broadly and unintentionally. Yet since then repeated garbage collections failed to capture the plain, incongruous figurine for land-fill.

Both horns have diminished to stubs, I noticed. It appears the goat didn't get very far after it attracted attention!

But that is only one discouraging thought -- possibilities stir my imagination.

I shall attempt repairs and listen for stories of the blue plastic goat's multi-dimensional inter-dumpster travels.


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