Monday, September 19, 2011

Shamanic flight: shifting out of sight

Soon my "shamanic shift center" and the Tortoise Cat's territories will be traveling westward a ways: This move won't be as far west as the place that goes with this picture, of the first home I remember from my toddler-hood in Davis, California (where I pilgrimaged recently). I will be busing distance from Milwaukee -- still close enough to keep occasional, mobile office hours.

Companions Circle and Shamanic Shift Center will shift among the current official and known members' homes and rented spaces, while keeping its current mailing address. Anyone and everyone who wants to, or who is called to, can still join in, each their own ways, by declaring, being and doing "shamanic shift" in all of their unique heres and and nows.

But the location at the corner of N. Astor and E. Knapp Streets on Milwaukee's lower east side, held since November 1997, will be vacated by October 31. Amid this upheaval, Companions board is meeting periodically, as usual, to watch over the operation and continue to shift our mission re-creatively.

Lately, the mission-shift centers around this concept: A widespread shapeshifting circle, stretching though ordinary, cyber and non-ordinary realities that provides a dancing center for anyone adventuring shamanic ways without religion, tradition or belief-systems.

The board is discussing whether and how to officially record and certify members, ministers and local circles without stirring up institutionalization -- and discerning if official recognition, through electronic media or paper, is even possible for this sort of church that aims to be churchless, and operate though emerging new thought(s), spoken and sung word(s) and danced or jested deed(s). The Universal Life Church's model seems to have worked well over the years (but that church does not even specify any type of "ways" to live, and that may be why), so all I can report now is that this topic is still under prayerful study.

My shamanizing will henceforth (until the plan changes again,if it does) be unadvertised, ad hoc, impromptu and improvised -- mostly private, but not secret. I am un-affiliating myself from all shamanic and related organizations, foundations and groups, and unsubscribing from most lists, because my ways and understandings have diverged enough to be unrecognizable to most who call themselves "shamanic practitioners" or shamans or shamanic ministers these days, and this has proved more and more confusing to people who contact me with an interest in "shamanism," or anything related (mistakenly or correctly) to that problematic (but widely used and apparently unavoidable) term -- though I have nothing against what anyone is doing, teaching and learning.

The name ShamanicShift (or Shamanic-Shift) still expresses (to my satisfaction) my aspirations, methods and purposes, so I will keep going by it, so long as it does.

But I will not claim exclusive dibs, and dream and hope (daily) there are many shamanic shifts, shamanic shifters, and shamanic shift centers.

This blog (as well as FB and Twitter) will update as often as I find it is possible.

More regular blogging here and FB posting remain long-range goals. However, now I am focusing on writing that earns money -- and none of those mostly anonymous assignments have anything to do with shamans or their ways. Under my byline, for lesser, but still countable amounts, I write for Digital Journal (news about science, environment, health, technology and business -- occasionally other topics, even food) and (about Milwaukee airports and airlines).

(If you happen to want to become an Examiner, please join with my link, and give me a $Boost$, eventually, if/when you are accepted and begin publishing -- THANKS!)

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