Saturday, August 13, 2011

The abrupt, mysterious departure of the Blue Plastic Goat

The Blue Plastic Goat I photographed recently next to a clump of chickweed remained in a corner of St. Paul's Episcopal Church courtyard garden for 3 years, then mysteriously journeyed on--perhaps to the trash, alas (!)--on August 12, 2011, when two new gardeners came to water the place.

The Blue Plastic Goat, a long-term resident of the corner nearest the faucet in the courtyard garden of Saint Paul's Episcopal Church at the end of our block, journeyed on suddenly and mysteriously yesterday -- or not so mysteriously, I began suspecting:

Two new gardeners came to water the place, and after they left I noticed the blue plastic goat had left the garden also.

Did those young ladies and this old blue plastic goat spontanteouly strike up a traveling camaraderie, then set off upon a challenging, new, adventurous itinerary? Or did they mistake the miniature symbolic figure, which I discovered while freelance gardening there a few seasons ago and purposely did not disturb, for a forbidden pagan spell cast over those sacred, Christian grounds?

Or did they simply mistake this outward, visible (though faded) sign -- of something amazingly wonderful, I had supposed -- for an incongruous bit of banal junk, to be tossed in the trash bag (for Universal Recycling)?

Maybe one of the gals collects animal figures, or artificial goats, or perhaps found the weirdly juxtaposed blue plastic goat a perfect incongruous finishing touch for a whimsical collage, or has a kid who would love playing with the spacetime-worn toy. Well, anyway, the blue plastic goat has journeyed on, somehow, some where.

Oh, farewell and godspeed, you wondrously marvelous old Blue Plastic Goat!


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