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Shamanic circle loose enough to shift infinitely

Bright colors say HI, then quickly die! (Photo by ECP, a.k.a. Shamanic-Shift on

More musings about this mission and its shifts that I decided to publish without editing:

I. We cannot even accurately call Companions Circle an un-church or a churchless church, because those terms are taken already to point to other missions, though there are resonances.

The concept of a "church of shamanic ways" that provides just enough structure to keep shifting out of and away from (an occasional circle, usually loosely held over cyberspace and/or within imaginations), and a body (a non-profit corporation, to be exact) that in some honest (though atypical) fashion meets the state's definition of church, was and is the intention here -- not linking to or initiating any lineage. In fact, such linkages and initiations are permitted, but not encouraged, in our circle.

II. Another motto came from my reconsideration of the etymology of the word church: "Circle, not cirice!"

That O.E. word cirice that became church came from the Greek for a ruler's house -- where the establishment, the enforcer of the status-quo lives. But the PIE base of church, and of the Greek word kyriake(oikia), is *keue-, or "to swell" and be powerful, the entry reads. So, besides usurped, dominating, enforced, worldly power, the oldest concept behind the word that evolved into church included "a center or circle of authentic, original power."

III. The self-declared members of this foolish church circle live their journeying adventures around the country nowadays, and two or three (or more) dwell in other countries.

This project was never (at all) about being and doing anything mystical, magical, pagan, new age, esoteric, occultist, spiritualist, traditionalist, reconstructionist, "complementary and alternative" -- or organic, natural, or indigenous. Any or all of these might be part of any given member's practices, according to free will and choice.

But joining mystery, spirit and reality anew every moment, without stopping to define the process, is ALL this folly that a few of us began on October 31, 1990 is about.

Companions Circle is what it is. And it definitely is, both incorporated and unincorporated versions (as one, the corporation being a subsidiary of the original), even while the circle shapeshifts infinitely. Probably this project would have been better left unorganized and unofficial.

IV. A shaman adventures through, shatters, re-heals, and goes beyond all known patterns. I call myself (merely) a shamanizer, when that is what I am doing on purpose in the moment, when I bother to use an s-word -- besides the all-purpose shamanicshift -- at all. But I do aim to leave all 20th-21st contemporary shamanisms, and all traditional shamanisms, and all related traditions and practices, from all histories and pre-histories, behind.

The techniques shamans use, and the discoveries they return to share before journeying again, usually, eventually become coded and canonized into beliefs and belief systems. The practitioners (whatever their titles) become priests, who may or may not continue to use shamanic methods, within the limits of their various traditions or religions.

V. This church-with-a-tiny-c is especially for lone, belief-lacking shamanizers.

Any two or three or more who circle around one or more intentions in agreement, within and as spirit, are this church. But the two or three may span dimensions, or even be the body, heart and mind of one journeyer.

VI. I continue to shamanicshift behind the scenes, for intentions brought to my attention, but I am doing my best to phase out scheduling appointments. The reasons: I cannot afford to; I am diverting to other projects that thrill me to ecstasy; and shamanic sessions stopped being fun for me at all, years ago.

VII. I shall be shifting this blog's purpose, too. Describing shamanic experiences was the emphasis when I began. But I am keeping more secrets about my shamanic ways these days -- because I have begun wondering if the non-ordinary life is best left unwritten.

Next, I might blog about ordinary reality science, technology and trailblazing endeavors in any field that are fulfilling shamanic dreams and themes, as is, without anyone's further interacting in non-ordinary realms.

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