Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feline Shamanic Experience - Trespassing 'Raccowlly Dog'

Tanuki climbing a tree.Image via Wikipedia

My colleague the Tortoise Cat experienced an unlikely combination visit last night, both horrible, weird and natural, just as extraordinary as non-ordinary:

Like a synergy of Raccoon, Owl and Dog, I dreamed she explained.

It peed all over the back steps, much to her distress. Well, I can't smell anything now, but she still can.

Was it Totoro? No. OK, was it Tanuki or another type of Japanese Raccoon Dog (like the pic above)? No...NO...!

But there was someone there at the screen door, emitting a musky odor, we dreamed: both beaked and toothy; owl-headed and winged; a silent soarer arriving stealthily; then swooping, trilling, clawing, and scratching; while wagging a long doggy-tail vigorously.

I was awakened by bump in the night, but that was the Tortoise Cat knocking over a broom propped in the back entryway, as she fled from this mini-monster of a mystery-beast -- also fleeing, as I caught a mere shadow of an foggy glimpse.

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