Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shamanic ends of the world

Autumn Leaf in Spring Freezing RainImage by Shamanic Shift via Flickr

A rough draft I no longer intend to polish:

Considering recent news, I mused: An unusually fanatic fundamentalist, extra-prone to taking religious notions, concepts and doctrines only literally, concretely and personally, might still get caught up in compelling non-ordinary experiences, because most (if not all) humans have the ability, though few exercise it past childhood. But such a individual would then, most likely, be convinced that this wondrous (but dogma-tainted, personality-filtered) dream or vision applied to everyone and everywhere -- an enthused delusion, attractive to like minds who then eagerly join, until an unruly crowd forms.


A shamanizer (who aims to stay sane) enters non-ordinary reality on purpose and seeks knowledge and power anew for each momentary intention.

So, speaking metaphorically, with many maybes attached...

Every Planck time unit, a Planck length unit of the world ends, a loophole opens, the world begins anew.

The building blocks / carrier waves of the universe are, each and all, ends and beginnings of this world.

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