Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Rocky shamanic road: regions of crystal clarity and cracked cloudiness

Crystal favorites in a bowl, by ECP, a.k.a. Shamanic-Shift on

What is clear for me:

Spiritual, psychological and somatic healings and transformations happened for me through living some of the ways shamans merge ordinary and non-ordinary experiences. Irrationally, I sense and respond to an inner calling -- perhaps because of genetic predispositions in my nature -- to keep shamanizing, daily. I am happy to do so, because it brings me delight, wonder and awe (and occasional encouraging feedback).

Yet, my continuing lifelong studying and experimenting leads me further every day into an ecstatic, inconsistent agnosticism -- and a playful, persistent dis-belief in all interpretations centered around supernatural beings, places, powers or the like.

The extensive shamanic and related instructions I have partaken of taught me lots, often aside from those teachers' intentions. All too often, the classes and workshops also demonstrated how deeply the most successful presenters baffle themselves and their students, especially during intense large group awareness productions, thereby becoming famous spiritual leaders with faithful followers who hope to become famous leaders too, eventually, through ardent, adept imitating.

Shamanic ways can liberate the spiritual experiencing of reality -- or discovering meaning and purpose and "tying things together" -- from soul-stunting subjugation to external authorities, hierarchies and dogmas. But just the opposite seems to happen much more often.

So new ancient traditions and idiosyncratic, eclectic fundamentalisms keep springing up in the marketplace, for better and worse.

I have noticed over the years, combining shamanic methods with "new age" doctrines and "complementary and alternative medicines" (under CAM or other terms) can enhance or confound the practices. During many days I hear mostly confusion within this wild proliferation.

Leaving room for continuing questioning and questing, these days I opine shamanic methods combine imagination and expressive arts within light trance states practitioners enter on purpose while maintaining self-awareness, and work though (possibly permanent, potentially profound) psychosomatic shifts. But any self-shift changes the universe by at least a mustard-seed-amount, so this is mightily powerful anyhow (in my view).

My calling to shamanize involves me daily behind the scenes, as prayer over topics variously brought to my attention. I simply encounter and relate to those situations and events as I find and connect with them over again, within myself.

But I support myself through freelancing (writing and odd-jobbing). Beyond this, when I give up work hours and earned-funding to be available for consultations -- teaching what shamanic shifting works improvements in my life or facilitating (through some type of ministerial counseling) someone's finding meaning and purpose amid challenges or troubles -- I understand it is perfectly natural and OK to request money donations to cover overhead expenses.

It is also OK by me if prosperity-gospel or LOA (-type) shamans (mergers of the ordinary and non-ordinary, by whatever name) harvest a humongous profit from charging hefty fees, when free folks pay willingly, so long as their help to harm ratios are overwhelmingly favorable. But my calling does not cover such actions.

Besides, from experience, I know people can learn to shamanic shift their own lives effectively, relatively inexpensively.

What is cloudy, still:

I am content to allow the inspiration sparks and intuition flows underlying shamanic experiences and processes to remain mysterious, without supposing any extra or other source besides self, life and universe.

To this day, I wonder why I suppose I need to write a book, when I tend toward agreement with this blogger about famous spiritual teachers.

Really, I cloud over around too many questions to blog about here now.

Such as: Is it possible to balance beautifully along the straight, narrow line between prophetic, entertaining trickery and corrupt, scamming treachery in shamanic performing?

Embracing clouds and peering into cracks:

My favorite crystals show irregular, shadowy, fantastical landscapes, built of clouds and cracks that seem to connect weird, little clear spots and murky, vast expanses into artistically wrought mini-multiverses, miniature bigger pictures I can grasp for questioning whiles, as if they were wondrous, imaginary, dream-roads onwards.

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