Friday, April 01, 2011

Rocks fund raising -- fun and amazing!

A couple weeks ago, many of the rocks and crystals here dreamed an ad into me, offering themselves for sale to raise money for this place and its mission, because they wanted to roll along anyway.

So I posted the ad on Craig's List. But I left it in the "materials" section, without any photos.

Then, no one called. No one called for over a week and I mused: I need to reclassify it and add pics! But I didn't.

No, I'll go back and delete it, I decided. But then, back on another task, I didn't do that either. This cycle repeated, five or so go rounds.

Then on Wednesday, a healer and jewelry crafter just starting out in business called! She brought a pal along this afternoon to "shop" and many minerals decided to roll westward a town or two for their next earth adventures.

I hope and dream this was another meeting among new "old friends" and we can journey together a while and a ways. Those mineral companions who moved will always be here, vividly enough, in non-ordinary ways, and the shift is renewing.

No matter what else, this encounter brought a few hours of delightful fun for me.


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