Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shamanic carnival, mardi gras and ash wednesday within

East room of Shamanic Shift Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 2011, by ShamanicShift, a.k.a. ECP and Shamanic-Shift on

To experience this transitional season without ingrained religion, putting aside all authorities' permissions or forbiddings: I shamanic journeyed from the northeast corner of the sanctuary, lying among the rock circle, labyrinth-life-tree and all-mothers-all-children shrines into a dream that reached before and beyond all traditions I grew up with or studied since.

But I woke up tumbling within a carnival-mardi-gras kaleidoscope. I experienced a kaleido-scape that tumbled me from element through rainbow to archetype and back and around, until I fell into ashes!

I had taken a big bag of prayer-requests along for the ride.

I entered shamanic consciousness through swaying back and forth and humming, then spinning and singing in place to the background sounds of ocean waves and city noises -- until I found myself dropping to my knees then falling forward. After that I reclined and covered my eyes with the back of my hand for the journey.

The non-ordinary kaleido-vehicle spun me through Tues-night on an inexplicable itinerary. It paused again and again, each while within a new, unique destination wrought of a dazzling array of colors, numbers, letters, geometries, glyphs, terrains and more, each arising solely for transforming one of the prayer purposes in my pouch for the better and dissolving as we feasted then farewelled and traveled again, onward, in a spiraling, coiling, clattering flurry.

One for one and one for all and all to ashes at last, the voyage refreshed by Wednesday's dawn.


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