Tuesday, March 15, 2011

HourTyme fundraising for GreenTyme's circadian confusion shifting project

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Friendly news:

As standard time switched to daylight savings, GreenTyme's inventor Yale Landsberg emailed an alert about his organization's new fundraising campaign. As I blogged before, I like the Circa-Med clock and link to the project on the sidebar under Net Friends -- the only one, so far -- so Yale considers me a sponsor.

I began experimenting informally with the "meditation optimizer" version, shamanic journeying through it when prayer-requests relate to past or future experiences troubling the present. Weirdly, I seem to have been born immune to ill effects from circadian rhythm interruptions, so I can't recount any personal anecdotes about biological clock tweaking or harmonizing through watching (and listening to) this delightful, pretty, dynamic glyph.

For me, it is oddly cheer-inducing -- a frankly subjective assessment!

Certainly, more and more links between circadian rhythm disruption and many ailments now challenging growing numbers of folks are being discovered by scientists.

Yale's singing clock is not (yet) scientifically proven to reboot natural human biological clocks or synchronize our inborn circadian cycles with modern, artificial (but industrially useful and nowadays necessary) time-frames. The GreenTyme folks want to keep researching that hypothesis while donating 3-D versions of their unusual "suntyme-moontyme" (and now "hourtyme") clocks to hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

If you donate as little as $2 to this cause, you get a customized copy of the Circadian Meditation Mode version of theSunTyme&MoonTyme HourTyme clock. Here I am, spreading the word.

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