Saturday, February 05, 2011

Shamanic time-flexing through a greener clock

Dandelion clockImage via WikipediaAs a non-scientific, experiential experiment:

I have been shamanic-journeying through the Circa-Med clock as a glyph-portal-vehicle whenever a prayer intention links to time, season or history.

One of the tool's inventors, my "new old" Net-friend Yale Landsberg, introduced it to me recently. GreenTyme's project is, so far, the only listing in the Net-friends section of the sidebar, because Bloggersmosaic is still in flux and I am still seeking more Web-pals with unusual, fascinating notions or programs (relevant to shamanism) to add.

[Being listed means I like whatever it is, though maybe for my own weird or otherwise individualist(ic) reasons that are, most likely, aside from the owners' purposes. So I'm not endorsing anything; the most the listing implies is "I'm finding these folks honorable so far, and what they are up to might be worth a look or a whirl."]

When I enter shamanic consciousness through gazing at this clock in (sped-up) meditation mode and imagine myself entering the non-ordinary realms by opening some feature of it down, up or outward (for upper, lower or middle worlds), I do, so far, seem to find it easier-than-usual to venture my spiritual way to the moment or while of the season or history I have set out to visit and prayer-shift for the better. Of course, every voyage into the unmeasurable multi-world of spirit is different, so my reporting is purely subjective.

Back in the ordinary world, scientists are studying biological clocks empirically and linking many ailments to body-time disruptions.

Probably, clocks are keys to health and improvement on every level of life. In art-play, another method of shamanizing, I notice clocks naturally correspond to compasses and mandalas.

My friend Yale hopes the GreenTyme team will prove (eventually, scientifically) the Circa-Med helps induce "chronic health" for modern-day folks trapped long hours in windowless rooms, who may be losing awareness of natural (green) time while living by practical, mechanical periods.

For me, so far, this pretty, singing clock is a fun toy I'm playing with and a new shamanic method I'm giving a spin.

Next I will explore whether this through-the-clock mode of shamanistic soul-travel might help me generate more beneficial synchronous happenings around my world.

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