Friday, January 21, 2011

More easy shamanic sessions

Shamanic Shift Center, January 2011, by ShamanicShift, a.k.a. ECP and Shamanic-Shift on

What works best at Shamanic Shift Center these days:

In addition to simply being here, aware and relaxed amid the minerals, plants, symbols and critters (the Tortoise Cat and her pals) -- what I call the easiest intervention -- shamanic talk therapy works extraordinarily well.

This practice differs from psychotherapeutic talk therapies by emphasizing (overwhelmingly) the purposeful, re-creative retelling of traumatic or troubling life-stories (events, periods and situations in personal history) in the presence of spirit and spirits. In this method belief is optional -- pretending on purpose is powerful and effective.

Another shifting technique is enthusiastic talking up of three (or more) interrelated better potential possibilities to activate and live (from now on).

Transformational talking can be tricky. Acceptance flows into new healing and shifting stories, but denial distresses and depresses. Dwelling in the past just long enough to "grok it" (for want of a better term), but not a moment more (in any one session) is key.

Shamanic journeying and other ways of connecting with spirit and spirits through trance, art and ritual (steering clear of definitions and analysis) that help unfold this process are happening between sessions as often as during.

I notice more and more of my shamanizing for and around the many diverse intentions brought and sent here is happening before and after any phone or in-person consultations.

Also, I am experimenting, still:

I have been journeying and dreaming with the Circa-Med multi-clock I blogged about recently as a trance-enhancing vehicle-glyph. I have linked this tool up on the sidebar under Net Friends while this play and fun continues.

I will blog my first anecdotes about these experiences soon.

Other sidebar weirdness:

Bloggersmosaic is gone from that too-short list, temporarily I hope, because the website is down for a total re-design, the project's CEO @Amous informs me. We shall see what happens with it in three to five days.

The Net Friends section is there to highlight projects I and/or Shamanic Shift Center/Companions Circle participate in somehow.

Maybe the "list" will grow soon -- into a real list (of at least three items). I am seeking other interesting internet pals. A listing does NOT endorse -- just suggest, "OK, these seem like honest, honorable, fun folks, so have a look if anything sparks your curiosity!"


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