Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Meeting a new old friend under the invisible sun

I took a call while I was shopping for gifts for a family's celebration of these ongoing winter festivities. I do not usually answer my phone amid a hubbub, but now and then I am stirred by the spirits of the moment to click the green button.

So I met Yale, who was inquiring about my Wisdomology quote expansion on Sir Thomas Brown's words:

"Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us."

A search around "invisible sun" had juxtaposed my exposition and his GreenTyme Project for restoring chronic health by giving folks a way to show "natural time" to their inner children and brains more easily, more often.

These darker days, even the visible sun shows only the briefest, tiniest patch in the Tortoise Cat's play space near our back door.

Ironically, I am some sort of biological-clock mutant who is immune to circadian rhythm disruptions. I can always sleep for short or long periods when tired or sleepy, whenever and wherever, without suffering stresses. I have never experienced jet-lag or upsets from fluctuating work shifts.

Yet, as Yale described his clock that tracks the visible and invisible sun and moon, I began to visualize a delightful online meditation tool and was eager to see it.

Well here it is -- the Circa-Med Clock on the Net for you to see and play with yourself, in SunTyme mode! (Download versions include MoonTyme modes.)

I will be studying the material on the GreenTyme website more while I experiment with this fun, charming, cheer-inducing toy during shamanic experiences. While my tests cannot be scientific, I expect have stories to blog later, about whatever happens while I meditate with -- or through -- this alluring chrono-glyph.


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