Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shaman Antics Distract & Release Consciousness

Shamans perform antics on multi-purpose, doing their bests to defy explanations!

Distractions entertain, awaken and loosen the grip of ailing prevailing patterns of matter, energy, space and time. Unexpected blossoms amid thorns show the next window in the wall.

We can allow ourselves to be drawn, for undefined whiles, into earthly yet heavenly mansions of many interconnecting multi-dimensional rooms, a vast, open-ended, non-ordinary territory of expanding realms of growing potentials and new possibilities. For me, this is best experienced, like a child would, as FUN and Mystery, though aspects of it can be studied and analyzed, by anyone who insists.

For everyone who joins in, amazing changes start happening from within, often seemingly instantly, but usually incrementally and gradually. Placebo effects, imagination, brainstorms, creativity, ingenuity, endorphins, immunodefences, chaos, serendipity and synchronicity (and, maybe, even some quantum weirdnesses along with classical atypicalities) rattle, drum, sing and dance wondrous shifts for the better into the world.

The shaman-antics can include any and many kinds of healing or consciousness-changing medicines, methods and techniques.

By the time (and in the places) successful shamanic actions have been concreted into dogmas and rituals and the original instigators have been institutionalized into prophets or priests, most followers are, again, searching for help or healing outside themselves, within authorities and their formulas, all ready, even eager, for new belief-systems to take hold. Eventually, the best (or most promising) of those organize into the next tradition or religion, alternative or mainstream (still shamanistic, perhaps, or not so much, depending on the complex action among many variables).

These days, the urge to explain, prove or debunk the ways of shamans through the scientific method seems irresistible to many folks. But, all too often, to me, this appears to turn into another childlike-fun spoiler.

I just began reading a review copy of William Bengston's "The Energy Cure, Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing" I OKed the publisher to send me, free of charge. Unraveling mystery is not a favorite activity of mine, but I expect the author presents some interesting, useful information I can blog about later.


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