Sunday, November 14, 2010

Autumnal Alchemy

Contemplating a sudden shower of autumn leaves, I wondered,

"What is the intention behind all these journeys?"

And heard:

A voice from the Burning Bush...

Autumn's dying, dead and voyaging leaves are vessels of life patterns and weaves spiraling into transformational middle-realm adventures. Those life stories were already uploaded into the branches and roots of their tree's lower and upper worlds, where dreaming recycles all experiences into next season's growth.

Then a voice from the Ginkgo agreed...

The colorful clutter of empty shells and decaying corpses that drift across life's paths so noticeably this darkening season are only the most minuscule, fractional sample of the myriad beings always tumbling into earthly, earthy niches, farther afield than they've ever flown or fallen, as all are finally accepted as primary matter for the most chaotic, radical and improbable shape-shifting alchemy possible.

Then I agreed...

Let the howling autumn gusts blow our dust to dust, because it is the weirdest puffs of this rejected stuff that sparkles into miracles, eventually!


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