Thursday, October 21, 2010

My new Halloween lenses are shamanic

Shamanizing on Squidoo: I built five "SquidBOO" Halloween lenses about cats, costuming and celebrating ancestors.

My take on Halloween is individualistically shamanic. Recently someone asked me if he could characterize my approach as a blend of Anglican Christian, Celtic Shamanism and "universalist" Voodoo that veers away from all of them. But there is far more to it (the Jewish, Hawaiian and scientific influences, to name only a few of many) and I prefer not to define what I do.

My style and practice shifts as I let myself be tugged and shoved by the spirit (and spirits) of the present.

But, for me, All Hallows Eve has long been a favorite holy night that opens up a wondrous few days of shifting into dark-days (deeper-dreaming, wilder-storying) mode, a mini-season when processes honoring and healing past energy patterns and flows seem to begin spontaneously and naturally. Now, I am amid an extra-long spiritual journey to consult with both soul and genetic ancestors, and I am recording that adventure on my Halloween Story lens. The Hallowe'en lens is about putting hallowing back in the holiday.

All of my (now more than 100) lenses could use polishing, of course, but I published those two unfinished on purpose, to keep adding onto throughout this transitional, shifting Autumn season. Links to the other three related lenses, two about costuming and one about cats, show up on those, too.

So please visit and interact!

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