Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lame Halloween Tricks

Sunny Halloween morning of orange Maple leaves, by ECP (a.k.a. Shamanic-Shift) on

The Tortoise Cat and I became aware of pre-Halloween (Saturday night party) revelers running in back, hurrying away from the rock-garden last night...well, during the early morning of Halloween, really. But, all they did was steal my broken patio chair, so I did not open my back door to shout after them, and relaxed again, awaiting further developments!

I do my best to foster re-creative funning.


Halloween tricking must be another dying art. Nothing further transpired.

I was disappointed while I walked about attempting to snap crow pictures this morning, NOT to spot that green wreck of a chair on a single-story section of this building's roof...or upon one of the construction cranes nearby...or at least upon a neighbor's porch...or car.

Just removing a cheap, old, worn, tied-together chair that one can hardly successfully sit in that was about to be recycled, doesn't cut it as Halloween mischief, folks. But, perhaps, I am being too harsh...?

I could suppose, giving a bit of the benefit of my doubt, the chair was used as a prop for another, more exciting trick on a more appealing target that was completed later, elsewhere. Still, essential to proper tricking is displaying the finished product -- to ALL the trickees involved -- within an unlikely, ingeniously absurd, public displacement or other artful, crafty installation that could only have been juxtapositioned thusly, on purpose, for trickstering fun.

Tricks, especially Halloween tricks, must be distinguishable from sloppy, drunken, after-bar-closing goofing off, or plain and simple stealing...or mean, selfish or hateful acts, like revenge or vandalism.

Tricks are crucial to practicing shamanic ways, so I take a professional interest how Halloween trick-or-treating is going. It is, for me, a diagnostic reading.

Uh oh...I am afraid, Trickster is less and less respected.

Lame trick-or-treating is only one sign that trickster energy-flows are being suppressed, repressed and blocked, an unsustainable situation of imbalance and dis-ease. More serious troubles and horrible disasters are likelier to befall those who can least weather intense or extreme life-changing and life-threatening challenges, if Trickster's chaos-channeling antics are not soon given more than only token (or, worse, incompetent or corrupted) expressions.

Shamanizers of all persuasions can help the world today by performing proper, Trickster-worthy antics!

Anyway, my crow photos turned out only slightly better than earlier examples -- nothing to caw about -- but I added them to the album on my Neighborhood Crow "Squidpaws" lens.

I hope you visit and take a look. My efforts to improve shall continue!

P.S. That old duct-taped, plastic-tied, faded pea-green patio chair was booby-trapped...with BLESSINGS (as is everything I leave out)!


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