Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Easiest shamanic session ever

Rock and Crystal Garden and LabyrinthImage by Shamanic Shift via Flickr

The east room at Shamanic Shift Center is a rock, crystal and plant shrine of shrines and spirit-matter portal: When you simply sit or recline there as a shamanic session, shifts happen!

We can do any type of spiritual healing here, amid the many rocks, crystals, plants and symbols that represent spirit and spirits from all realms of reality. But now, I hereby make certain I have published this favorite, fall-back "secret method" that seems too easy to be true.

Daily, I renew the intention of shamanic shifting for the better, and towards the best (for all), that consecrates space-time. The room is always activated or set in stand-by mode.

Shamans are expected to act-out desired reality-shifts and I do this in my ways, as I am nudged and pushed by spirit. Often, I costume-up, burn incense and perform these antics secretly in the place, during my daily cycle of prayer-meditation, my version of a daily office.

Then, the room becomes the show--a material, tangible, energetic sign of inner consciousness and outer world shifting happening.

Because this phenomenon is spirit-powered, it is always 100 percent efficacious. As with all sacraments, noticeable manifestations may be subtle or obvious, gradual or instantaneous. There is always some of both/and, I understand, occurring at many levels at once.

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