Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I mean by neighborhood shamanism

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When I practice what I call my neighborhood shamanism, I do not mean I am known in my neighborhood as a community shaman. Community shamanism is one of the bigger inspirations behind what I do, however.

A neighborhood shaman practices universal shamanic ways, focuses helping spiritual and physical attention and energy upon the neighborhoods of her life and shamanizes mostly behind the scenes. This type may eventually write a book, but will not become well known though touring and presenting workshops to large circles.

A distinguishing feature of my neighborhood-focused interpretation is the daily practice of finding principal teachings and indispensable helpers though new, now-stretching interacting within ordinary places and commonplace situations around my worldly bailiwick. My next mentor is any being I encounter as situations and events happen.

But I look, listen, watch and sniff for particular, personalized lessons from everyday urban wildlife neighbors, the animals, plants and rocks around my block. I do my best to include human wild-life on the faculty of this neighborhood-shaman school.

Lightning strikes, cloudbursts and wind gusts tell me stories. But, more often, I come under the tutelage of quieter advisors, such as rolling street stones, persevering garden weeds and stinging, biting bugs.

I have been busy on Squidoo lately!

I just opened the Urban Wildlife lens on Squidoo to celebrate these local, natural counselors from scientific angles. It is a cousin to the Nature Spirits lens that shows shamanic views.

Going forward, I have lots of lens expanding to do. Squidoo has served as my filing system for over two years years. Now, I am "lensing" more intently, gradually compiling a relevant lens-library there.

Also, I have shifted to teaching mostly on the Internet: Though this blog, my shamanic lenses and ShamanicShift's Facebook page.

In my view, the interconnecting cyber-realms are full of Net-neighborhoods.

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