Monday, August 09, 2010

Crackpot shamans (poem)

Cracked Pot in the Circle CenterImage by Shamanic Shift via Flickr

Crackpot shamans...
Shamanize with cracked pots:

Shamanic shifting extra changes through broken spiral shells...

Trickstering up the heat under simmering alchemical vessels,
shattering them into hatching new life early,
as uncountable, unintended consequences,

Acting-out crackpot dreams and schemes within a mess of carefully collected builder-rejected stone fragments...!

Crackpot shamans costume themselves in leftover pot-shards
and fling leftover pot-scrapings around,
starting unaccountable universal bread-dough starters...!

Crackpot shamans empower catastrophic, re-creative shaman-antic ecstasies 
with risky whiffs of fermenting fumes leftover at the bottom
of the cosmic, broken-open wine barrel...!

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