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Shamanic questions and answers introduction

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When asked to describe my shamanism, I reply with statements like these, usually:

As a neighborhood shaman (with a small-s, which means shamanizer, to me, not a title) I seek shamanic teachings and experiences as close to home as possible, instead of (but not as opposed to) traveling to exotic locations.

Because I experience the beings, places, and situations in my neighborhood interconnecting and reaching out into the spiraling, coiling, flowing and weaving of all-there-is, and because I adapt and innovate, as guided by spirit and spirits, from an expanding universal set of shamanic ways, I am a universal shaman too.

Shamanic ways connect inward, non-ordinary potential, possibilities and power with outward, everyday here and now challenges.

I live, practice and teach shamanic innovations for shifting life towards the better (and best) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and over the Net, so urban-shaman and cyber-shaman might fit, also. Besides an array of historic and new landmarks, museums and gardens offering inexhaustible (if often exhausting) self-educational opportunities, Milwaukee's east side and downtown, closest-by Shamanic Shift Center, teem with subtle, secret and some glaring shamanic teachers (for those with eyes focused and ears tuned to them).

I have been answering emailed questions about contemporary shamanic ways on Squidoo lenses, and shall continue. My destination lenses, without teaching shamanism, honor venues I call "sacred places" where I have experienced direct connecting to spirit and spirits.

This post promotes my lenses because I intend to keep teaching by publishing questions and answers though that platform, as well as this weblog, gradually grouping and linking lenses and blog posts together into a growing, non-linear ebook of my interpretation of contemporary shamanism and related topics.

A near-future post will list questions and link to answers, and be updated as an index. Gradually and steadily, this project will become better organized, more inter-linked and usefully comprehensive.

Lens earnings, like Amazon commissions and ad-revenue here, go to Companions Circle Church, Inc. directly, Shamanic Shift Center's parent corporation.

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