Monday, July 26, 2010

The original shamans had to open up new circles

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...The Wise One assured me in a shamanic dream, a little while before Crow cawed me back into everyday life in ordinary reality.

I was dreaming I was kept outside an educational circle of scientists, artists and philosophers who were discussing the meaning of the words spirituality, humanist, atheist and agnostic. Occasionally the discussing heated into arguing, but most of this impressive convocation stayed amiable and I felt drawn to the edges where several outsiders, other travelers on the nearby road I was journeying, had paused to listen in.

My dream-scape had opened onto a windblown, grassy, wild-flowery field, and I found myself wandering among gigantic concentric circles of standing stones, on a plain surrounded by hillier terrain, with an Oak grove in the near distance and a woods of many kinds of trees much further away. The circle of esteemed experts beckoned enticingly.

But when I attempted to join in and play along, my suggestions were dismissed with impatient eye-rolls by most of the scientists, because they had already concluded that I practice superstitions, deal with paranormal beings or aim to promote pseudoscience.

But I am an ecstatic, paradox-embracing hylozoist, for whom the supernatural would be superfluous.

Many of the philosophers condescended to reply to my suggestions kindly "Thanks anyway, but of course you don't understand these matters are not nearly so simple!" Most of the artists were in favor granting me an audience, until I showed how inexpertly I drew likenesses, how weirdly I composed pictures and how amateurishly I performed songs and dances.

"But I know a thing or two about this and that, I really do!" I complained to the Wise One guiding me. "And why are science, art and philosophy professionals venturing so far afield to pick out these topics?" I asked.

"You'll do well to get used to being left out," this teacher advised me, "and these far fields have long fascinated visiting experts from all other fields of human experience, for many mysterious reasons."

The other travelers were turning away from me, too, striding back to the road, some calling "Come on now, it's about time to head home!"

The teaching continued: "The original shamans invented art, science and philosophy, but they had to open new circles to do it, over on the outskirts of popular gathering places, at the oddest hours, and then afterwards many of them had to hideout in the wilderness for extended whiles or suddenly hightail it away, trailblazing the next twists of the road onwards."

"Of course, the best shamans have usually been crackpots too..." my mentor called after me as this dream was dispersing.

Updated, next day, in response to inquiries: The signal was breaking up then, during the shamanic dream-journey crow cawing call-back, so I don't know if I heard the crackpot remark correctly or completely, or what it's supposed to mean. Soon, I will shamanic journey back to ask.

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