Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shamanic shift as a name, verb, method and more

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ShamanicShift is...

Shamanic-Shift is a favorite, fun "god is a verb" name for my life shamanic journey, but it can be anyone's.

Shamanic Shift Center's purpose and mission is encouraging and inspiring (independent, interconnecting, overlapping individuals and circles of circles of...more) shamanic-shift centers anywhere and everywhere in ordinary reality. Participation is by thought or dream, word or song and deed or dance, wherever you are.

ShamanicShift's Facebook page is another place I post notes about shamanic shifting as a shamanizing method, or open-ended set of shamanic techniques. My shamanic lenses on Squidoo are presenting my interpretation of neighborhood and universal shamanism, topic by topic. Whether or not I finish my shamanic book in paper or electronic form, I will keep sharing on the Web, one on one and in small circles.

A while ago I let go of several extra .com, .net, and .info (and more) domain names I had claimed out of a blend of enthusiasm and fear.

Personally, I don't have extra money to develop and deal in internet real estate. And trying to own the name, aside from being and living it would turn me astray from Shamanic Shift Center's and my purposes.

Detours always work out in the long run, of course, after twists and tumbles along the hard way. Now, I get solicitation emails frequently, warning me that someone else will take or wreck the ShamanicShift/Shamanic-Shift name and brand if I fail to secure a related domain name.

For the record: The Shamanic-Shift.org domain is the only second level domain I am keeping, as a fall-back web home, except for CompanionsCircle.org and shamanic jester-fool Shamantic! The Wise's old (no longer updated) domain that I learned html (and some css and php) on back in 2004, where I still host images and videos, as needed.

So, to other nearby or distant Shamanic-Shifts/ShamanicShifts, I (along with my colleague the Tortoise Cat) say, "Please keep, give and live shamanic-shifting of self and reality in your own ways, for the better and better. Life-journey towards (and shamanic dream) the best, shamanic-shifting new potentials and possibilities into our world, wherever you are."

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