Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review: "Dance of Stones" by Kenn Day

Kenn Day sent me a copy of "Dance of Stones: A Shamanic Road Trip" to review recently, even though the book was published in 2008. I am very happy we connected on Facebook around this engaging, effective introduction to modern shamanic practices.

In narrative chapters Kenn describes traveling through Europe, exploring new connections—with Soli, a woman he met at a magick workshop they both found disappointing, and with the spirits of the places and situations they adventure into as their roadtrip winds along.

Instead of following ordinary reality maps, they head towards the next, nearest intersection of synchronicity and serendipity.

Of course their inner journeys are progressing and intertwining along the way. Kenn shows Soli shamanic practices that bring her, suddenly, to the termination of her job and, eventually, to the beginning of a really fulfilling, even more successful career. Soli's journey leads Kenn to a new stone circle vision and a future shamanic mission.

In Deepening chapters amid the thickening plot, Kenn offers his interpretation of contemporary western shamanism (that incorporates eastern spirituality teachings and practices, also).

Kenn's writing is clear and he presents ideas simply yet entertainingly. His shamanic terminology and procedures differ from mine, as I expected they would.

Often, I urge readers of shamanic books to do the exercises presented, as instructed or as they are guided by spirit(s), and experience for themselves what matches up and what differs. With shamanic experience, surface disagreements usually open up to deeper agreements.

"Dance of Stones" was, for me, a teaching by example of "how to write a shamanic book" - as the suspenseful, sacramental story of an adventurous, multi-level journey along outer and inner edges.

Reading this story has also helped me (continue to) rethink and reorganize how I teach shamanic ways.

The Amazon link to the book includes Companions Circles affiliate code. Next, I will add most of this review to the many already posted on the book's Amazon page.

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