Friday, June 11, 2010

Any now catches me up to here on the story of my life journey

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I can get behind in blogging, or any worthy task, and still be caught up in any given, chosen present moment...when I allow myself to be caught up. All here-now space-time coordinates are uniquely perfect, full of all-there-is and all things necessary, each arranged in a singular, particular, one-of-a-kind, interconnecting, uncoiling web that is always, miraculously yet naturally, balanced, overall.

Since March I've been grabbing gardening gigs, key features of my earth-medicine, calendrics and geomancy apprenticeships to many, many wise and beneficent green, brown, purple, pink, blue, yellow and red life-spirit teachers. Plant, mineral and bug spirits guide me almost daily, under their humble, inexplicable physical forms, into new understandings of nature (and my human nature) as I work. With work like this, I never want for play.

Gardening is calling is me outside, detouring my life journey around my desk and computer more often. Our crew gets rained out occasionally, however.

From ground handling at the airport I'm accustomed to working through rain showers and storms so I wouldn't mind. But when I walk through soaked, puddly flower beds I leave deep, monstrous footprints.

These gardening days are opening into a new course of vocational study in horticulture and design with a master wild gardener. Maybe I can get him enthused over collaborating on a book about wild gardens and much more (with his knowledge, my writing). Such a book looks like a summer dream to store for deep winter activation.

I'm still reading and experiencing "Dance of Stones" by Kenn Day, an example of the best kind of shamanic book, because it's written as  a sacramental story with an ordinary reality journey showing inner reality shifts that dance back out into everyday life. I will be ready to review it here (and on Amazon) in a few more days.

"Dance of Stones" isn't a new book, but I sense that I am taking in the sights of this "shamanic road trip" just when I can appreciate the deeper lessons of the adventure most.

Yesterday, in a garden near Big Cedar Lake, I was surprised and delighted to meet a new (to me) nature companion, Box Elder Bug, a.k.a. Boisea trivittata, of the true bugs. Despite this insect's attention calling bright, fiery red and charcoal black markings, I intuited cool, flowing harmlessness and imagined hearing simple, happy humming.

I wonder what doable ways of living simply and cooperatively I might begin to learn on a shamanic journey to this creature's spirit.

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