Monday, May 17, 2010

Old shamanic dream notes I found

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I. The shamanic companions I call my UFO Airport Visitors fly through my shamanic dreams again, teaching me how to view their universe and see alternative realities beyond my ordinary and non-ordinary universal "settings" for experiencing. These encounters take place in dreams of General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.

So I am not being abducted, though I am being taken for a ride. Next, I visioned a parallel Earth of wondrous beauty and harmony that was natural yet advanced. My guides called it "a version (of this planet) where the people cooperated voluntarily and diverted the asteroid strike" — and I marveled at the dynamic, childlike interplay of inner and outer technologies and co-creative, alchemical blending of nature and art all its denizens enjoyed.

Here is a link about Alien Abduction - A Shamanic Perspective On UFOs that gives another view.

II. Many healthy foods appeared in last night's dreams, each communicating its own flavor of this message: Avoid lists of dos and don'ts about nutrition and remember nothing grows on Earth without potential benefits. Bless what you eat and digest without fear.

Here is a link about The World's Healthiest Foods.

III. Soup dreaming: I and everyone and everything are ingredients in a deep cauldron. I begin awakening as the simple ingredient I am heats up and jumps in the bubbles, even as I flow around and round in the soup without any say-so. Then, I notice the same ingredients keep flowing in not-quite-repetitive spiral-like patterns around me. I begin to detect an interflowing unity of all-that-is cooking and realize that I am merging happily with the currents shifting me through this porridge.

As the simmering continues, I discover I can swim and change the taste and consistency by just my little bit that miraculously changes everything because of the butterfly effect. I begin to see, hear, feel and sense the determined freedom of the chaotic, churning flow of the whole mess of pottage and get an inkling of the spoon and, suddenly, just a glimpse a hand stirring.

How shocked I am to see it's me, just when this bigger magnitude "me" falls into dreaming it's all  — chefs and soups in multi-dimensions, all shape-shifting into one another — only one edge of a leaf steeping, just another bitty, crucial, fractal fragment of one complex, dynamic, goodness-generating Grail of Grails.

And this LIFE concoction gets spicier and more delicious, day by day.

Here is a link to one answer to the question, about ordinary-reality life on Earth, "What is primordial soup?

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