Friday, May 07, 2010

May Day Poem: Bottled and Un-bottled Messages

As I stroll this city's may day, windswept lakeshore dunes I notice
a crooked trail of message-less bottles, tossed away aimlessly,
cast down by who knows who...?
who used to live somewhere nearby (but who remembers where?)
who visited a while ago (and who remembers when...?)

So many message-less bottles, discarded to float and roll around our world for now and almost forever...!

Wondering over the circumstances before and after the whys
and the hows or the "Who cares?" of so much half-emptiness
bobbing then coming to rest as litter before my meandering feet and gazing eyes
among the beach's crypto-crystals and overgrown-slimes

...tingles the edges and depths of my imagination...
"That one...almost half-full with cloudy water...yet
almost two thirds empty with air and mystery...!"

So a playful attention-shift pauses and stills me
amid my small world's garbage strewn sands and sticky situations, just long enough
that I begin to dream and hear anew...
faint but clear...within and beyond the ins and outs of breaking waves

universal un-bottled songs drifting yet dancing along


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