Thursday, April 08, 2010

Juxtapositions as shamanic-incidences

Via Wikimedia Commons: A sundial based on the famous Bewcastle Cross example of the 7th-century. The Day on the dial has been divided up into four 'Tides' of three hours length. August 2007.

As a foundation "beat" I keep up a daily and seasonal prayer cycle, my shamanic version of a church "daily office" and liturgical calendar" that evolves with and revolves around current events. Along with others in a widespread circle of prayer-shifters (both known and unknown to me), I shamanize during several regular but flexible periods, day by day.

I consider any ordinary reality juxtapositions I notice between these observances, no matter how weird, to be shamanic-incidences (of many kinds) — messages, callings, bridges and shifts (of dreaming, dancing and shaping life) — and I bring them in to the next shamanic prayer, meditation and action. Just one example: The Pope washing priests' feet, amid scandals, on April Fool's Day (a special holiday in my independent, shamanic micro-church) under the Passover Full Moon of release from plagues and slavery...and of high tides washing up gifts from the deeps...and much more.

On purpose, I pretend ecstatically that any awareness shift from noticing and consciously re-connecting distant beings, places and events shifts my reality, the world and the universe towards healing and FUN by that little "much" (backwards and forwards, as well as outwards and inwards, through all realms, directions, dimensions and orders of space-time).

A tiny shift can open a world-sized loophole for changes for the better to flow through. Visible changes may take generations to grow and show. But (as I have declared often) the mustard-seed (Planck-length?) -sized openings whereby any of us can give permission for new stretches of LIFE's seamless garment begin at any here and now, with any earthly ("small-s") shaman's momentary, purposeful micro-shift.

Declaring shamanic-incidences throughout the day is another simple, easy and fun spiritual practice for instigating powerful, momentous dream and shape shifts any day, every day.

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