Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Transformational festival synergy

Marsden ImbolcImage by Paul Stevenson via Flickr

When it's impossible to count how many miracles are happening, or measure how much power is being unleashed, as seeds burst, stars explode and galaxies collide (as matter and energy, and as soul and spirit), attempts are made to express or contain the fun and mystery as ordered numbers on conventional calendars.

A musing:

I was studying the old Athenian (Attic calendar) month of Gamelion that celebrated sacred marriage.

Gamelion would begin sometime during our (Gregorian calendar) December or January and last until sometime in January to mid-February, sometimes synchronicitously near our Valentine's Day (of unclear origin). The Lenaia festival honoring Dionysus began midway though the month of Gamelion.

Dionysus, birthed from the joining of Zeus and the Thebian princess Semele, is the Greek god of fertility, festivity, pleasure and art. Dionysus rescued his mother, storied to be the only mortal to give birth to a god (in those days). He restored her life, raised her from the underworld and found her a home on Mount Olympus.

For me, these energy patterns and cycles resonate and reverberate infinite possibilities, as a wild, wonder-full, harmoniously cacophonous, serendipitous synergy of unlimited potentials.

The sacred joining of two opposites during winter's darkest days, flows into the agreement of three (or more) gathered around a cooking flame, on the way to see one holy bride's early miracle-pregnancy. This long-awaited, shamanic dream of miracles being born into ordinary reality, sooner than later, is presented and celebrated in the temple of LIFE as Imbolc, and candlelight, and groundhog shadows, and much more.

Then feast days and traditions mix and fire up in the Dionysian, flesh-shriving, carnival Mardi Gras.

Outer masks express inner reality shifts during these tipsy-turvy spells of space-time. Extraordinary shamans' costumes trump same-old/same-old, status-quo customs.

But suddenly, new life goes into (who knows how many?) weeks of secret incubation before springing out again, all at once, all around.

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