Friday, February 05, 2010

Shamanic Moon dreams all February

moon over manhattanImage by Alan Miles NYC via Flickr

Maybe the freeze and thaw cycles of February have churned up more frequent Moon dreams for me. I have visioning Moon crystals, too.

February is the only month that can pass without a Full Moon, but this year Earth's Moon will bid a full good-bye to February on the month's final day. Like every month, February always has Dark Moon moments and there is always the Moon's far-side (or "other side") to consider.

The February 1 announcement that NASA's Constellation project (to return earthlings to the Moon) has been shelved in a drastic direction change to funding private companies to develop space travel (and space tourism) instead, might be stirring up my recent Moon journeying dreams as much as the weather.

Shamans can connect with any phase that the beings, places or flows of the present moment happen to be shifting through. Our Moon's dark, little-known and unseen regions may be shamanic journeyed or dreamed to, as well as the brighter, better known areas. Loopholes and pathways to unimagined possibilities can be conjured amid any current circumstances. 

February is also Black History Month, also known as African American History Month, and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, celebrated with pink ribbons (a color vibration of wonder because it may not exsist). Saint Agatha of Sicily, whose breasts were chopped off during torture sessions (and healed later, by an apparition of Saint Peter) is celebrated on February 5 in many in Christian denominations that follow the western spiritual calendar.

With the souls of saints, activists and researchers who have traveled ahead in spirit, I shall continue my shamanic Moon adventures all month. In my dreams, I shall seek awareness adjustments, healing medicines and surprises hidden in pink rocks.

Have you ever touched Moon rock or Moon meteorite?

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