Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shamanic journey the interstellar medium

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In my Scientific Blogging column I wrote about the new interstellar medium map that has been published (PDF) in Astronomy and Astrophysics and widely reported around the Net. Because even the press release was highly technical, I linked up a college course introduction (PDF) to the interstellar medium, by Richard W. Pogge, Professor of Astronomy at the Ohio State University, Department of Astronomy, as background information.

In the ordinary-reality universe there is star-stuff and other-stuff, unevenly scattered through the wilderness of all that is. In the 20th century, Caroline and William Herschel and other astronomers realized that the space between stars in the universe was not a vacuum.

In the most widely accepted theories of the interstellar medium, the energy of supernova outbursts swirl  together with outflowing winds from clusters bright, newborn stars to open pockets thinner, but not at all empty, space-time.

Non-ordinary reality is heterogeneous, too, through all the processes, cycles and patterns of life evolving and transforming into new life, even while its eternal fullness, paradoxically, is unity-itself. But within the vast, multi-level, multi-everything realms of spirit(s) and soul(s) where shamans journey and dream, voids and abysses (as well as The Void and The Abyss, according to many travelers) are part of the scape and scope of it all.

After I built a launch platform and gate-vehicle during a shamanic moon dream, I began venturing into the spiritual sides of the interstellar medium to explore its thinner places and empty spaces. My intention is retrieval and reconnection of soul-help and spirit-healing for Earth, Moon and Sun, and side-effect blessings for all celestial bodies residing or passing though Earth's neighborhood.

The vast, dancing interplay among beings and places at all orders, directions, levels, dimensions, kinds and sizes of existence, from the most macro- to sub-microscopic, are generating wild shamanic rides out there, so far.
Book suggestion:
The Georgian Star: How William and Caroline Herschel Revolutionized Our Understanding of the Cosmos (Great Discoveries)
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