Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earth watching in shamanic dreams

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WOW. I'm still shaking.

Now that I have access to a shamanic dream station on the Moon, set up gradually this February, I launch many of spiritual journeys from it into the non-ordinary sides of our solar system, galaxy and local group.

I have ridden asteroid orbits and passing comets on quests for wisdom and understanding.

But last night I constructed a spirit-spaceship and orbited our planet, watching the earthquakes and tsunami waves, wondering "What next?" and seeking as many meanings as possible for the national and global catastrophes we are living and dying through today.

The daily news prompts me to pray and wonder often:

"How many uphill battles are happening all at once on our world, unleashing terror and trauma?"

Could our cetacean cousins, who endure so much human misbehavior, have been troubled by premonitions of tremendous geodynamic displacements? Is Chile shaking us into Earth Month early on purpose?

Many calamities we experience as unusual are within the normal ranges of conditions for earthy, incarnate life, of course. My vision cannot comprehend even a tiny fraction of the infinity x infinity of blessings being unleashed by all the tragedies playing out.

Still, even more blessings (off and beyond all scales) can be released by harmonious voluntary cooperation, the spirits remind me.

Based upon past stories and future visions, I know that any cross — the X marking the spot of any pain or death, from the greatest to the least — can release seemingly miraculous (yet perfectly natural) reality shifting energy for change towards the better, when (and as long as) someone notices and says so.

But there are even better ways to heal and transform. Even while Earth remains rife with hazard zones, shamanic shifters can begin opening soul-loopholes in the continuum of LIFE.

When critical masses of "shamanic shift centers" everywhere are dancing funner dreams of the best though mustard-seed sized (Planck-length or smaller?) openings, anywhere, stretched wider and wider, amazing gains will flow irresistibly from behind all everyday scenes, with fewer and fewer growing pains.

Tsunami hazard sign at Bamfield, British ColumbiaImage via Wikipedia

I decided to stand up.

Then I improvised an ad hoc costume and impromptu ceremony expressing Earth as the universal X, dancing the break-though resonance of FUN taking over the cosmos, relentlessly and re-creatively.

Through I have no knowledge of how many unknown neighborhood shamans are participating in this sacramental paradox, each in their own ways, unadvertised, I keep on imagining this circle of circles is growing and glowing, and will keep on, no matter what.

Believing is optional. Just be and live.

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