Monday, January 11, 2010

Unusual request: How to cast with Swarovski crystals

Swarovski in bluImage by orsorama via Flickr

Casting or circling with the help of ornaments, accessories or miniatures? 

As a neighborhood and universal shaman (written with a small "s") I tend to open circles to Spirit and Spirits rather than "cast" symbols and/or beings around in a protective or proscriptive pattern. The word cast brings many images up, besides the magical (prayer or meditation) actions of casting a spell or circle.

But intention is key when creating sacred space for shamanic journeying or placing crystals in divination or grounding any kind of inner change with outward, visible and tangible signs.

Focusing upon differences in terminology can illuminate unnoticed perspectives--or stop conversation. Anyway, I received an email asking how I would cast Swarovski crystal figurines in shamanizing. I wrote back, asking for clarification, but my email bounced back.

Swarovski is a company that produces precision-cut lead glass crystal. It was founded by Austrian glass cutter and jeweler Daniel Swarovski in in Wattens, Austria. 

Certainly the bright figurines inherited by my mystery inquirer must embody patterns of paying close attention and working accurately and carefully on one chosen task at a time. Many cultural and singular shape and color meanings, perhaps new sets of correspondences for each person who gazes, must find room to inhabit each many-faceted piece.

I imagine this approach could ring true for any brand of crystal sculpture or bead. The crystal under consideration here is lead glass, which is denser and more refractive than ordinary glass, and not microscopically crystalline at all.

Lead crystal took on its name by resembling natural crystal. This suggests a successful synergy of nature and art, or nature and nurture.

Gemstone and semi-precious crystals, cut and carved, in agreement with their symmetry systems, would reflect their distinctive light-shifting attributes into any healing or transforming practice, just as well, and add the clear-cut virtues of their different sacred geometries to the spiritual reality-shift being sought.

Shamans can work with helping beings of all sorts, conditions and substances. Some of my favorites are plastic -- and scratched and dented.

For a shamanic journey -- the multipurpose practice I recommend most often -- I would arrange the crystal figures, according to the topic being shamanized, into a sacramental gateway to travel through into non-ordinary reality, via active imagining or stay-awake dreaming.

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